Shin Pond - Bowlin - Matagamon
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Bowlin - Matagamon
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Date: February 17, 2016

Trail Conditions: Bowlin Matagamon Shin Pond Area 3/17/16

You will be able to ride but be prepared for good stretches of all snow, icy corners and I would recommend studs and or ice scratchers. The worse part is the icy conditions from the rain, lack of lubrication and any water runoff that continues to run will take some time before refereeing. Any standing water or slush that hasn't already re-frozen will tonight as temps drop. It will only take moderate snow event (6-8") and our trails will be back to where they were prior to t...he dreaded rain.

Anyone looking on advice on riding this weekend it really has to decide for themselves if it's worth their while. If you're someone who is able to ride every weekend you may decide to skip this one until we get a little snow or if your within driving distance you may decide what the hell why not go and enjoy what I can or if you're someone who's only opportunity to go happens to be this weekend maybe some riding us better than none. Again it's all relative to you and you're situation and expectations.

Anyone looking for advice on riding next weekend it's is too far off to make a decision to cancel or not. Things can go back to good just as quickly as they go to bad. As I mentioned one moderate snowfall will make our trails nearly great again. And there are some potential snow events over the weekend and next week.

People who say the "fat lady has sung" or "to stick a fork in it" or "that its over" are crazy. As snowmobilers and business owners that rely on Mother Nature we endure these things more often than we all like. Things go back to good as quickly as they go badly! So Get off the cliff, take the For Sale sign off your brand new sled and wait for some snow!

Think snow!


As always feel free to call or email me anytime! 207-528-2900, or text Groomer operator Blaine at 207-944-5092

Terry Hill

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