Shin Pond - Bowlin - Matagamon
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Bowlin - Matagamon
Snowmobile Club

Date: February 6, 2015

Trail Conditions:

14 below this morning! Another beautiful day for riding in the Katahdin Region. ITS114s to85s Whetstone Bridge is excellent riding! NOTE: When coming from Whetstone to 83/85 Sherman Lumber Road Please use the designated sidewalk bridge! This is there for the sleds to use, yes I know the truck bridge is wider but that bridge is not for sledders! Show respect to the landowner that allows us to use their land for trails! Our 50 mile loop that goes from Bowlin Camps to Matagamon Camps and Shin Pond is great, want to add some mileage to that trip jump on 71D to Grand Lake Seboeis and then the Libby Pinnacle Loop to Libby Camps and you are now at 90 miles! Some friends trailered here yesterday to do this loop and it was perfect for them with excellent riding the whole 90 miles! Les has opened club trail 64 connecting to 81 Patten, (we do share the Grondin road with logging trucks for just over a mile please use caution) this trail has an awesome view of Katahdin in two locations! ITS 85N is grooomed with excellent conditions. So what are your plans for the weekend? Hopefully it will be to load up the sleds and head north for a great weekend of riding! As always feel free to email or call me anytime!

Terry 207-528-2900

PS Sorry our webcam is still down, Anyone out there with expertise in webcams that may want to visit Shin Pond and give us a hand? Smile Have a fun weekend!

Terry Hill

Shin Pond - Bowlin - Matagamon Trail Map

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