North East Carry
Trail Report

North East Carry Snowmobile Club

SLOW DOWN!!!!!! ---- Deer on the trails and in the woods ---- SLOW DOWN !!!!!!!!!!

15 Miles per/hour Please! -- Any faster and you will face Shirley's rolling pin!

Date: February 11, 2016

Trail to Pittston Farm and Jackman are good!

Trails South need more snow!!!!!!!

The deer are doing well. 50 deer for breakfast.

Your friends at Raymonds Country Store
Ed & Shirley & The Phantom

Deer are doing great! If you visit us please stay out of the deer playground and watch out for the youngsters. We don't like when our kids get hurt.

(Click on picture to enlarge!)


Deer eating pepperoni and cheese pizza

Enjoying a donut and apple squeezing's

A pretty sight [antlers]

Hardy sledders

And the rest of our family!

Use caution! Deer on trail. Remember -- Slow down Ride Safe!
Speeding and Reckless Riding are not appreciated by anyone.

Please stay out of the deer playground area and do not chase the deer on their paths. If you don't try to approach the deer, they'll come out of the woods.

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