Katahdin Region
Trail Report

Twin Pines Snowmobile Club

Date: March 9, 2016

Trail Conditions:

We (Twin Pines Snowmobile Club) groomed last night - the Grant Brook Road to Penobscot Pond and then up towards Abol and back via the Grant Brook Road. From Millinocket Clubhouse groomed the Stacyville Rd to Whetstone and also the Stratton Trail. Logan Pond will be groomed on Friday night.

Conditions are good we picked up 2-3? of new snow yesterday, a lot of good feedback from riders over the past few days. Should be some good riding this coming weekend also - we may get a wintery mix tomorrow night and on Thursday the forecast is for 3-5" of snow - will make for an awesome weekend on the trails. We will be grooming, make some plans to join us for another great winter weekend.

All trails are EXCELLENT!!

We are open this weekend for breakfast, lunch and dinner and gas for sleds at Twin Pine Camps | NEOC and The River Driver's



Matthew A. Polstein
Twin Pines Snowmobile Club
PO Box 669
Millinocket Maine 04462

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