Katahdin Region
Trail Report

Twin Pines Snowmobile Club

Date: January 7, 2015

Trail Conditions:

Twin Pines Snowmobile Club – Katahdin Area Trail Update - Trail Information

As of today 1/7/15 (Wednesday) we (Twin Pines Snowmobile Club) have groomed The State Road to the Baxter State Park Gate (where the Perimeter Road in the park starts). The BSP Gate is open – note the perimeter road is in Baxter State park and is not a groomed snowmobiling trail – if you take it, it will bring you to Matagamon Gate and store – they are open and have gas). If you are traveling from here (River Drivers | NEOC | Twin Pines) – most likely you will have to return on this road through the Park as the Stacyville Road and the Logan Pond Trail (are closed due to logging (until next week) – so plan accordingly.

Penobscot Pond Trail (ITS 85/86 – KLT) Today we are grooming past Abol Store and to Penobscot Pond – this joins up with Kokajo and they are open and grooming - Hurrah!

Stacyville Road & Logan Pond Trail – there is still logging on these trails and they are not open for riding YET. They should be within the next week – i.e. by 1/14/15 (or thereabouts) we will let you know once we have the go ahead from the landowners. The Logan Pond bridge was replaced this fall - so once we get to groom that, riding will be good, but you can't ride through that trail yet

Pole Line and Millinocket In Town Trails: we have groomed the Pole Line – it is rideable but rough – we did the work to prepare the base for the next snowfall. We have not groomed in town and will do so once it snows. So plan on starting your riding out here – you can just park at the River Driver’s or over by the State Road and head out. We will keep you posted with additional updates for this weekend.

Book your sleds or lodging at 800-766-7238. The River Drivers Restaurant (on ITS 85/86 north of Millinocket) is open for food & snowmobile gas and lodging is available at NEOC | Twin Pines.

Jo-Mary Riders are grooming – so you will have riding in that area this week/weekend!

Sno-Rovers – Groomed South to Endless Lake and north to whetstone, (ITS 83) they also groomed the south twin connector before this last storm.

Matagamon Store – is open for business and gas – visit them. They have groomed both North and South ITS 85 and the race track to 71-D. No dirt showing anywhere!! The North gate in Baxter is now open if you ride through the Park. The Lake has made lots of ice these last few night!! Come on in for some great food, great conversation and a warm sit!!! Open this weekend!!! See you then!!

Shin Pond – are grooming today Wednesday and will be open this weekend – they will post later regarding what is groomed.

Questions - call 207-723-5438 or 800-766-7238 or email info@neoc.com. Thank you.

Remember: Always Ride Right and See You On the Trails: Follow us for updates on https://www.facebook.com/snowmobilinginmaine

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