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Photos from the Rumford area.
© 2009 JAGGADE

I wanted to add a couple pictures from our sledding trips to Maine.
Basic info I grew up in Lee Maine and moved to SC 8 years ago, and for the last 5 years any where from
6-14 of us fly up a few times a year sled like crazy for 2 days.
We appreciate the awesome trail system and we have more fun every year. See you in January.

© 2009 J. Renaud

Mt kathadin from baker mt -- Trees on lily bay mountain -- Getting his kicks on rt 66. Rockwood
© 2009 Everard

© 2009 M. Cust

Out with my son Ryan for a nice ride leaving Blanchard in February
© 2009 A. Fecteau

First picture.. ITS 86 heading towards Kokadjo from Jo Mary.
Second picture.. Eastern side of Moosehead heading towards NE Carry with Kineo in the background.
Third picture.. outside Kokadjo store.

© 2009 B Wheeler

Snowmobiling in Millinocket in March 2009

© 2009 A. Fecteau

My favorite pics from the Jackman Trail last year!
I took them going back to Pittston farms the first week of April

© 2009 C. Davis

Pic 1: off trail riding in Orrington
Pic 2:Blazing trail in Orrington
Pic 3: OTR clubhouse

© 2009 B. Wheeler

Boondocking on Brewer Lake

© 2009 B. Wheeler

pics #1-2: around Coburn Mt., pic #3 at the Snow Hounds SC. Sno-Fest.

© 2009 B. Wheeler

Dusk out on the trail

© 2009 L. Dorrie - Hollis Honkers Snowmobile Club

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