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Photo in Shirley - February 2008 on our way to Greenville taking a break on my way to Greenville
My daughter Lyndsey having a great time we were in Blanchard.
On the trail in Blanchard on our way to Greenville, Febuary 2008

© 2008 A. Fecteau

Moose making fresh tracks - Enchanted Township, Maine
Historic Pittston Farm

© 2008 K. Norrman

Photos from the County
Historic Pittston Farm

© 2008 Dick

2/28 pictures on Moosehead Lake
© 2008 M. Ewaschuk

Picture taken from the top of Mt. Kineo fire tower looking twords Moose River and Rockwood
Heading up Russell Mountain,
Hangin out on April 21st in 70 degree weather!

© 2008 J. Vainio

Baxter Loop Trail
© 2008 B. Jerome

The last ride for us this year 06 in Eustis.
The trail pictures are up on The Canada Trail, the sunrise pictures were taken early morning up on Eustis Ridge looking a The Bigelow Mt Range. The picture with our sleds and Canada Jays was taken up on Kennebago Mt.

© 2006 R. Farnum

This is How Two Cheverus high Freshman spent their vaction, Sean and friend Ian.
© 2006 R & E Verrill

Pictures of the slim 2006 snowmobiling season in jackman and north.
© 2006 R. Robbins

This first one outside Fort Kent going towards St. Francis.
The second and third one is by Alagash
The fourth one is by Dicky at a dinner, didn't come out very good
The Fifth one is on our way back around St Francis, I think

© 2006 Debs4kiddies

Coburn Mtn. Awesome view and worth the ride.
© 2006 K. Libby

Picture taken on Friday, 1-27-06 from across the lake looking at Kineo towards Rockwood
© 2006 T. Walker

A few friends out

© 2006 M, Sheehan

Mt. Kineo
© 2006 L. LaViolette

The Pittston Farm, Grand Falls and a small train mishap.
© 2006 A. Dresser

Easter Weekend, Stockholm 2005
Perfect riding, not a sled in sight.

© 2006 B Rivard

Easter Weekend, Stockholm 2005
Perfect riding, not a sled in sight.

© 2006 B Rivard

Hitting a ramp over a Denali near Little Sebago
© 2006 R. Gallagher

Photo from Ogunquit, Maine riding my 1969 Moto-Ski
on December 9,2005 in 18 inches of fresh snow

© 2006 J. Hludik

Picture taken 1-15-06 during the rainy weekend.
This rider hit a few too many water holes...LOL

© 2006 B. Jerome

Portage lake 2/14/05
© 2005 G. Hickcox

Photos from 3-27-05--Greenville
© 2005 J.Rowe

Pictures were taken March 19 & 20th., on ITS 89 from Eustis down around Kennebago Mt area.
Ski area you see is Saddleback in Rangeley. The weekend was specatular. One picture was taken on top
of Kennebago East looking at Bigelow Mt, and if you look close you can see the
Power plant in Stratton smoke stacks, and Flagstaff Lake.

© 2005 R. Farnum

Pictures from the look-out by Bowlin Camps,
and ITS 85 north of the lookout, adjacent to Baxter Park on March 17, 2005.
Best conditions of the year!

© 2005 J. Sellers

Ashland, ME and Racing North on I-95

© 2005 JAGGEDE

Fryeburg/Denmark February '05 pictures
© 2005 C. Parrillo

Andover, ME 3-13-05
© 2005 JAGGEDE

My 9 yr old daughter and I at the base of Grannies Cap and the trail leading to Grand Falls.
© 2005 R. Herzig

George having fun with the Ice heaves on Flagstaff Lake, Stratton.
© 2005 JulieZ

Feb.6, 2005 in Presque Isle Maine. Matt on a 98 MXZ 500.
© 2005 S. Semones

Along Moxie Lake
© 2005 R. Eagan

Coburn Mountain "Wertheforkoweeies"
© 2005 R. Eagan

Fragglerok Bridge
© 2005 R. Eagan

Pictures from 2-14-05 weekend!
© 2005 T. Ryan

© 2005 mgren15

J&R Moore Long Lake, Boader trail & Rt 105 Caribou/Sweden.2-14-05
It doesn't get much better!!

© 2005 R.Moore

My new polaris in the powder
SpEeDFrEaK from SledMaine

© 2005 S. Gough

© 2005 D. Morin

Pictures from Aroostook county
© 2005 D. Sharpie

Picture were taken 02/25/05 in Grand Falls and from the top of Coburn Mt.
© 2005 E. Kupstas

2005 Snowmobile picture.
© 2005 T. DeJulio

Norway Trackers SC Snowfest weekend 2005.
© 2005 Norway Trackers SC

My girlfriends first ride on a snowmobile. From the look on her face, you can tell it will also be her last!
© 2005 T. Johnson

Pictures from Martin Luther King Weekend, surviving the thaw north of Jackman
© 2005 G.Gerard

Jan. 2005 pictures in the Jackman - Piston Farm area
© 2005 NMcRae

First trip Rangely area 2005
© 2005 M. Vermette

rangeley 12-16-04
© 2005 M. Bouffard

First ride Gorham Maine Jan 9th 2005
© 2005 G. Douglass

Pictures from this past weekend, riding in Fryeburg.... (1-09-2005)
© 2005 Trish

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