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Bald MT. Jackman , Me me and Bo.
© 2013 J. Obie

Rangeley Maine
Night riding
© 2013 S. Bonome

This shot was taken outside of
Rangeley ME in early March 2013.
© 2013 C. Babb

Grand Falls Picture taken from
Grand Falls on the way to Eustis.
© 2013 M. Lamoureux

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What snowmobilers do when they're not riding.
Monson, ME
© 2013 J. Brackett
Island Falls Area
© 2013 J. Brackett
Grafton Notch, Maine
Back country riding, spring 2013
© 2013 J. Barth
Mooshead Picture taken from
Mt. Kineo looking out over
Moosehead lake.
© 2013 M. Lamoureux
Abol Bridge looking back at
Mt. Katahdin. Millinocket
© 2013 C. Fraser
Taking a break from the sun in Eustis.
© 2013 C. Fraser
Trying to get a picture of the husband, February 2013 right after sun down. The flash wouldn't work so I got a cool silhouette picture instead! Fryeburg, Maine
© 2013 K. Ledwell
Bridgton, Maine. End of March 2013. Our trailside snowman with spark plug eyes, and a pepto cover nose! Mommy and Jake (3 Years Old)
© 2013 K. Ledwell
Fryeburg Maine
Taking a break to check out the mountains.
© 2013 S. Bonome

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