Raymond's Country Store

North East Carry, Maine

"A Store With So Much More"

Raymond's is situated at the Northern end of Moosehead Lake, in the Northeast Cove. We are about sixty-five miles north of Greenville and West of Millinocket. Raymond's offers an ideal setting in the remote wilderness of Northern Maine to satisfy even the most avid fisherman, hunter, or naturalist.

Our store offers:
  • Food
  • Gas
  • Beer
  • Groceries
  • Souvenirs
  • Soda
  • Emergency Phone Available
    Emergency Rescue Sled Available

    Housekeeping Cottages

    Raymond's offers clean and comfortable housekeeping cottages. Our wilderness cottages, at the Northern end of Moosehead Lake are also just one mile from the West Branch of the Penobscot River. We are actually situated on the famous Carry that Thoureau travelled. Weather conditions dominate the mode of transportation but we are generally able to drive to our camps.
    Raymond's is open year round to those seeking a real woods vacation. Each cottage is set up to handle up to six guests. All cottages are equipped with gas for cooking, lights and refrigeration. All pots, pans, dishes and utensils are supplied. We do not have any electricity or running water. Heat comes from gas stoves and plumbing is out back.

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    Unmatched Fishing

    Moosehead Lake, known for its togue, trout, and land-locked salmon offers bountiful open water fishing from May to October. In the spring and fall the togue and trout are in the shallow waters, but during the warmer weather they lurk in the depths of the lake where the water is colder. Some of the most famous old fishing grounds such as Norcross Point and Duck Cove are still available to the fishermen. The West Branch of the Penobscot River, from Seboomok Dam to the Foxhole, has some of the finest fly fishing in the Northeast. During the winter, ice fishing is the sport to try. Norcross Point may be known for its salmon and togue, but Green Island and its surrounding shoals is fast becoming famous for its trout. Trout as large as seven pounds have been taken in this area of the lake.

    Hunters Paradise

    Hunting starts in September with the bear season and lasts through November. October opens bird season. There seems to be plenty of partridge and woodcock available for those who look for them. Some hunters use dogs, but our birds aren't as flighty as those in farming areas. If you're one of those lucky enough to be drawn in the moose lottery, we are conveniently located at the juction of three of the moose hunt zones. Deer hunting starts in November and lasts through Thanksgiving. Old logging roads make excellent trails to hunt. The North Woods hides many record deer who roam the hardwood ridges, cedar swamps, and stands of fir that surround Raymond's making this one of the better areas for hunting.

    Great Snowmobiling!

    We groom over sixty miles of trails!

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    Great Outdoors

    To the canoeist, the solitude of the Penobscot River is unmatched in the Northeast, where the call of the loon and the sighting of moose along the river banks are not uncommon as it winds its way down into Chesuncook Lake and leads you to the Allagash Waterway. Whether you're a cross country skier or a snowmobile enthusiast there are hundreds of miles of wilderness trails and old logging roads to explore. Gas and oil are available at Raymond's. For nature lover or the hiker, the wilderness has great appeal. There are owls and eagles, ducks and loons, fisher, fox, moose and deer. The woods are full of wildlife if you take the time to enjoy yourself.

    In the Winter, we feed hundreds of deer each day


    Please Write:

    Raymond's Country Store
    Box 642 North East Carry
    Rockwood, ME 04478

    November thru May:
    Mail service on Wed. only

    June thru October:
    Mon., Wed., and Fri.

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